Mid 90's Memphis Underground Rap Tapes

la dispute? more like lol dispute.

follow for the best post-hardcore jokes on your dashboard!!!

spent the weekend watching lost, call that a lost weekend.

"draking back sunday" could be a good tumblr that combined drake and taking back sunday in some way, but not sure exactly how it would work.

seems like ‘j-zee” is a better name than “jay-z”

objectivist alt lit writers who describe their work as “galt lit”

If somebody asks “who is Spike Jonze?” what are they chances they are making a joke playing off of the 2005 album “Who is Mike Jones?”

sometimes i listen to lil b, but when that isn’t enough b, i listen to max b.

like i’ve always said, you can’t spell “mix-master” without “x-mas.”

Chopped and screwed Skrillex album called ‘Scary Monsters and Purple Sprite’